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Won money at contest, PayPal thinks I’m a seller

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Hi. I won some money at a video game contest and, the prize was 50$ and I was even charged on PayPal for it, and it’s on hold for 25 days because PayPal thinks I’m a seller. This is insane. What can I do to get my money?


Won money at contest, PayPal thinks I’m a seller

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You were sent a goods and services payment by the sender so yes, it’ll treated as a sale transaction and could experience a hold.


Holds, Limitations, and Reserves

New PayPal account – payments on hold and accessing your money quicker

My payment is on hold. Why is this happening?

How can I release my payment(s) on hold?


If payment has been on hold longer than 21 days, and you already did the tasks to get money released sooner, ask PayPal to release it:      

Click “Message Us” or “Call Us” option on the bottom.   


Or reach out to PayPal at Facebook or Twitter:    

PayPal on Facebook

PayPal on Twitter


Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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