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Withdraw money from PayPal to bank (2)

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Recently posted that I go through the PayPal 'withdraw money to bank' procedure and at the point of withdrawal the 'NEXT' button does not work. After many attempts I was told to change my password ~ which I did and then was told because my password had changed I had to wait for 48 hours and that this was the answer to not being able to withdraw ~ however, it has not solved the issue but I think I know what the issue is and would be interested to know if others have experienced this issue: When Ebay decided that they would handle the money and not PayPal I had to change my Ebay name to coincide with my bank a/c details and I'm wondering if PayPal DO NOT recognise my 'new' Ebay name? Is this why they are not allowing me to transfer to my bank? If so, how do you fix this issue?


Withdraw money from PayPal to bank (2)


Hi @malestrompat,


Sorry to hear you've had trouble with withdrawing money to your bank. This definitely sounds like it's been frustrating. If you are going through the PayPal account to withdraw your money, the eBay side shouldn't have an affect on the transfer. I'd recommend that you try to transfer through the mobile app. If you still have trouble after trying that, I would recommend that you contact Support for further help. 


Best wishes, 


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