Why was a recurring payment debited from the wrong card?

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Just discovered a recurring payment was taken from the wrong account, even though nominated account has sufficient funds. Recurring payment has been in place for more than 2 years and always from same account so want to know how and why a different one was charged?

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PayPal Employee

Hi @Boris-tat 


Thank you for making a post. 


I see your funding method on a subscription payment has changed and that is very unusual. If there are funds in your PayPal balance then your balance will be charged first and then the card or bank will be charged for the remaining amount. If you had set up a back up funding source and the payment from the card failed due to any reason, it is possible that the other payment method could have been charged. However, I would recommend you to contact PayPal directly so that they can look into your account and help you with the exact details. 




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