Why is PayPal only letting me transfer money to Euro?

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I am trying to transfer £78.53 from my PayPal account into an English bank account (NatWest).


When I get to the review your transfer screen, though at the top it says GBP 78.53, below on the transfer amount part it says you will get EUR 87.84

If I transfer it like this I will only get £74 into my NatWest account.


Before I transferred £470 and it did the same thing and I only ended up with £447 In my account. And I've also previously transferred over £1000. I'm losing a lot amount of money as a result of this.


I'm currently living in Ireland which I'm assuming has something to do with it. But the money that was pt into the account was put in to it in GBP not ERU, and the bank account is English and in GBP not Euro.

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Withdrawals to bank accounts are always in local currency, so in your case that would be Euros.

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