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Why doesn't PayPal Balance show as an option any longer????

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I just set up a new account with <removed>.  


I open up PayPal and it selected my first credit card in the list and has some tiny text on top that says "we'll use your balance first".


This is weird.  I have an existing Woocommerce store and that UI clearly shows PayPal Balance as a selectable option.


I also looked at Twitch and they have a nicer UI with a Switch button to use balance first.


How can I get the normal PayPal UI?  My site offers 1) pay with card (stripe) 2) pay with paypal.   I want to use PayPal for users who want to use their PayPal balance, but this no longer works.  And as others have reported, this use your balance first is buggy and doesn't work and PayPal refuses to respond to the bug reports.


Why doesn't PayPal Balance show as an option any longer????


Hello @sgehrman,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand the importance of wanting to resolve the available payment options on your account and I will do my best to assist. Typically, the balance is used first when making a payment. Have you been able to make a test payment on your site to see if PayPal balance is visible as an option? If not, please contact us directly to have your account included as an example for the error.


You can reach Customer Support by clicking Contact and then Message Us (when available) at the bottom of the PayPal website. They're also available through Twitter direct message or Facebook instant message.  


Message Us

Twitter Direct Message

Facebook Instant Message


I hope this helps!

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