Why can't I transfer money!?

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Okay, so it's been OVER 48 HOURS since I had money deposited into my account. I have been trying to transfer the money out of the account and into my personal bank account. I called customer support and was told "wait 24 hours" and it should be fine. Well it's been well over 48 hours and I still can't do jack squat with my money! All I've gotten, and still get, is "contact us" pop up windows. So I did! MULTIPLE TIMES! And was told that's there's "NOTHING anyone can do about it" that I need to wait.

So I request a paypal debit card. I wait for it to be created and then it pops up in my wallet. Cool! I have a card number, CCV, and expiration date. Well . . . no I don't! The moment I click that card to see the information I get a "contact us" pop up window. Well I certainly ain't doing that. I already know I'm going to get told to wait again.

This is absolutely inexcusable. If I am told to "wait another 24 hours" I'm going to be livid. This "wait 24 hours" thing is nothing more than a phrase to put someone on the back burner in hopes they just let it go. More and more this is starting to feel like racketeering. An illegal seizure of goods under the premise of a legal facade.

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As you haven't added your country to your profile (so we can see when we hover over your username) or said in your post which country you are in so unfortunately its hard for us to advise.
Paypal varies a great deal country to country so you need to tell us where you are on this worldwide community forum.


You have also given 0 information on if the funds are showing in your balance / currency they are in / if they are on hold or pending / if they show as uncleared etc.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.
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