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I'm having an issue withdrawing my balance. Recently,  I got declined on transferring to my bank account, and I don't know what the exactly reason is. I didn't receive any emails regarding the reason why I was declined. I already tried to do research, and it says that I need to have my full name on my PayPal account. The problem is, how will I know if changing my name was successful or not? Currently, I'm looking for the best solution that will withdraw my balance from my bank account.

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Hello @lamjeen 


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I understand that you want to withdraw your balance to you bank account and facing issues. For successful withdrawals, the bank account details registered with PayPal should match the information which your bank has on file. Any small discrepancy in a name, address, or anything else can cause the error. You can submit your name change request by following the steps listed in this article and any updates towards your name change request will be notified via email. 


If the information matches and still receiving the error, please check if your bank is confirmed and try again to initiate the transfer at a later date by clearing cache, cookies from your browser or trying a different device/browser.


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