Vendor cannot capture my payment

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Hi I ordered online last month. I have already authorized payment for the order using paypal gateway. Then the seller email me back saying that cannot capture the amount and request me to re-authorize by sending me a payment link. I have that bank account linked to paypal but i left no value inside because it just for some online purchase. Thus when they tried to get money from my debit card, they wont be sucessful. I am pretty sure the amount i authorized July is correctly made. I even received acknownledgment email from paypal and bank account both. Then i found out the customer service from the seller told me they dun have enough time to check availability of stocks from their suppliers. Thus i guess thats the reason paypal do not release my payment to them. Before I made the order I had no idea which how many items would go to backorder since there is no indication on each item pages. For example I ordered 5 of the same item but only 4 in stock and one turns out goes to backorder. So, where is my money now? It is like they cannot get the money from paypal they switch to me for money again. Is it very normal?
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Hello @Cheaperper


Welcome to the PayPal Community Forum! I'm sorry to hear a recent transaction hasn't gone quite as you had expected. I can certainly understand how this situation is a bit confusing. I would recommend reaching back out to your funding source to see if the original authorization was actually captured or not. If it was, then your money is with the merchant, in which case they should be processing your order. If it's still just an authorization, the merchant should go and try to capture it again. 


If the merchant was able to successfully capture the authorization, but they aren't shipping your items due to backorder, you'll want to work with the merchant to either see when the inventory will be available or if you can get a refund. 

If they refuse a refund, and they are not shipping your items, I would recommend opening an Item not Received dispute on the transaction. If you run into any other issues or questions along the way, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support teams. 


Best wishes!


 - Jon K

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