Unable to add money to PayPal balance using debit card?

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Hi! My hubby is trying to add money to his PayPal balance. He clicked on home and then went to PayPal balance and clicked on add money. At the bottom was a box that had the different ways he could add money such as “from your bank”, “at a store, with cash” and “cash a check.” However it does not have the option “from your debit card” l add money to my PayPal balance all the time with my linked debit card. He has his cards linked but that option is still not appearing. We have searched and searched and still have not been able to find a solution. Thoughts? What are we missing?
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I just used it yesterday and the day before, and the option to add funds from bank account to PayPal balance immediately using your debit card was available. I use it all the time since September when they removed backup funding.

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Hello @Bme9 and @Teanbriegirl,

Thanks for visiting the PayPal Community Forum; congrats on your first post, @Bme9!

I'm sorry sorry to hear your husband was unable to add money to his PayPal balance using a debit card, @Bme9. I know how frustrating that is. Some debit cards are not compatible with this feature. If the debit card he's using is associated with the same bank you use, then he may need to have the bank enable the option to use it for adding money. If that's already done, then there are a couple of other options I can think of. 

Has he ever added or sent money with the card, and had it declined before? That could cause it to become ineligible to add money for a little while. Is the card current? He may need to update it if it's expired or near the expiration date. If none of these situations fit, then I'd lean towards the Security System declining the use of the card. PayPal's Security System reviews each transaction and can limit what options are available. 

To help ensure all transactions, including adding money, go smoothly, I have a few tips. First, always ensure you're (both) logging in from consistent devices to access your PayPal accounts. On that preferred device, enable location services and deactivate any VPNs or hosting IPs. When encountering any error messages, clearing the cache and cookies or trying a different browser tends to help. 

If his card still doesn't show up after trying these tips, please have him reach out to Customer Support by selecting 'Contact' at the bottom of PayPal.com or visiting one of these options. They may be able to investigate further.

I hope this helps him add money using the card soon! 

- Meghan

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