Transferring money to bank account

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Over the last 7 years I have been manually transferring any balance that I hold in my PayPal account to my registered business bank account in a process that is called 'instant transfer'.


Since 29th of July, this option has disappeared and has been replaced with a transfer option that makes you wait 2-3 working days. I opted to go for this option however I have noticed that the transfer completion date is now listed as 9th of August which, given that I initiated the transfer on the 29th of July, will mean this will take 12 calendar days.


Where has the instant transfer option gone and why has it seemingly been replaced with such a slow and subpar option?

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Do you have a debit card for your "registered business account?" I'm assuming you're not seeing the option for instant transfer because your trying to send to your account b using the routing/account number instead of by debit card # Try adding a debit card & the instant transfer option should show as available within a few mins! Hope that helps cause I checked my account & I still have the option of instant transfer but only to debit cards that are added to my account
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