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Hi everyone! Thank you for your attention and help, I really appreciate it.

I have two currencies: EUR and USD. I have checked the box of receiving money in the currency that people chose to send. However, when my preferred currency was USD, all the incoming transfers were converted to USD. Now I made my preferred account EUR, and all transfers are automatically converted to EUR. Can I receive euros to my EUR account, and dollars to my USD account?

Thank you.

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Hello @Culturus 


Thank you writing in the PayPal Help Community and welcome!


I see you're looking to receive payments in both USD and EUR currencies. With PayPal, you can send and receive money in multiple currencies. If you have a primary balance, all payments send and received will be in this currency. You can manage your currencies in the wallet page or under PayPal balance of your PayPal account. You can find more information about managing currencies here.




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