Shopify payment keeps on failing using the card linked to my PayPal account



I'm trying to pay my Shopify subscription using the card linked in my Paypal.

I made sure I chose the card linked to it from the Shopify billing settings. I also made sure to set the right card under online payments in my PayPal, and I also made sure to choose the same card for pre-approved payments for Shopify. My card has enough funds for it, but it keeps on declining. My Shopify store billing currency is in USD, and my card is in pesos. But, it has enough funds to settle a $1 bill. And it still keeps on declining. Please help, as I tried to contact PayPal support, but no agents are available. I have also contacted Shopify Support, and they checked the issue, and the problem is on PayPal's end. I hope to get answers from here.

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When you pay, did you select USD currency via See currency options link during checkout?


Are you paying for a US region of Shopify instead of PH region?


Are you using a debit or credit card? Ensure the card have international capabilities/enabled for online use/accepts recurring transactions?


Due to the methods that some banks use to implement Visa debit, some cards might not work for Shopify billing.


Or just contact customer service for assistance:      

Click Message Us or Call Us option below the Common Issues section.


Or reach out to PayPal at Facebook or Twitter:    

PayPal on Facebook

PayPal on Twitter

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