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Sending to another PayPal account

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I am trying to send money from my pp account. I have a balance in account but I can’t seem to move it out to another person in PayPal! I’m getting so frustrated.

Sending to another PayPal account

PayPal Employee

Hi @Cherryappleroad 

Thanks for contacting PayPal community!

I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to transfer funds, I would suggest you to please try clearing the cache and cookies from your browser and use a new browser and give a try.

I hope this information was helpful!

Sending to another PayPal account

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Is it another U.S paypal account holder or international?

Are the funds in your balance in the correct currency the receiver can accept?

Can the receiver accept funds in their country?


Are the funds cleared and not pending?

Have you done this >>>

Click on the profile tab (icon next to log out) > Click on payments third option along on the thick blue band top of page > second down click on update next to your preferred way to pay and put a dot in the balance option.


Has the receiver if they are in the U.S set up a paypal cash or cash plus account to receive payments as per link?,-paypal-ca...

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