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Removing bank while transfering money

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What would happen if I removed the linked bank while transfering money? I accidently swapped the clearing number and account number while writing down my bank account number. So it was wrong. I doubt it will go through and it will send my money back, but after I realized the issue I kinda got stressed and removed the wrong bank account and added a correct one.

I readded the wrong bank account again, just in case me removing the wrong linked bank while transfering causes an issue. But how much of a mess did I cause just now?



Removing bank while transfering money


Hi, @frolof. Thanks for taking the time to add your concern here on the PayPal Community Forum. I hope the following will be helpful.


In general, it's usually not possible to remove a bank account or card right after a transaction where money is moved out of a PayPal account. However, based on what you mentioned about the bank account information being transposed, it wouldn't affect the transfer if it shows Completed in your PayPal account Activity.


The only thing we can advise is that you watch your bank account and PayPal account for updates. When incorrect bank information is entered into a PayPal account, any transfer out of the account is rejected since the financial system and/or bank will not be able to locate a bank account to add the money to.


It may take some time for money to be rejected by your bank and then return to PayPal. It could take up to four weeks, and I've seen some situations where it has taken longer. PayPal doesn't have any control over how or how fast money moves through the financial system, so we have to wait alongside customers in this situation for money to reach our System after a transfer is rejected. I assure you, however, any money returned to PayPal will be deposited back into your Balance as soon as it arrives.


I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your patience during this time.



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