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Not so much a question, more of a warning to Paypal / ebay users where purchasing in other currencies is involved.

I purchased something on ebay in USD and paid in GBP. The seller advised the next day he didn't have the exact model in the ebay listing so I agreed to cancel. 2 days after purchase, Paypal refunded the purchase price MINUS 4.8% in GBP. Paypal claim this was due to currency fluctuations.


SO BE WARNED, the Paypal "Full Refund" policy apparently does NOT apply where currency conversions are involved. The currency conversions appear to be generously in favour of Paypal. Be prepared to lose a significant amount of your purchase price where refunds goods are purchased in different currencies, almost 5% in my case.  Paypal will not entertain the fact that the purchaser in such instances has done absolutely nothing wrong.

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