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Refunds to cancelled credit card not applied

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Hi everyone!


I received two refunds to paypal and the money was send to the original credit card, which at the moment of the refunds was cancelled by more than 6 months. Paypal insists that the money was sent (and gave me two tracking numbers of the transactions, that I'm supposed to track with Visa directly), and my bank says that the card can't receive money because it's cancelled (and they double checked, no money has entered that account)... I don't know how to call Visa, every number I try (including the one on the back of the card) they tell me it's an emergency number, they don't take that kind of claims or any other excuse/explanation about them not having anything to do with the transactions.


Please help!!! 😞


Refunds to cancelled credit card not applied


Hello @demendozap,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand that you may be having issues receiving refunds to the credit card used. I know this can be concerning. Typically, when funds leave our platform and are successfully completed, we are unable to take any further action unless we receive communication back from the nominated bank or card. I would strongly urge you to reach out to your card provider with additional support with this. Please use the tracking numbers provided for further assistance. 


Thank you! 

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Refunds to cancelled credit card not applied

New Community Member

I am another user who experiences the same issue. Sorry, my question may sound unusual but still worth to check. Is it possible to transfer money to another bank card within my Wallet in PayPal once refund received to my PayPal bank card that is not valid any more?

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