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Refund to a £0 PayPal credit account now showing a negative amount?

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In October 2022 I paid the deposit on an AirBnB booking via PayPal credit (c£195). Unfortunately, I had to cancel that booking earlier this week (12 Jan). Airbnb issued the refund the same day to my PayPal credit account. My problem is, my PayPal credit account was £0. The refund then showed up as -£195! I spoke to the chat bot in the help section and they said they’d send the refund amount to my PayPal account so I could withdraw it. Fab. Today they’ve done that but now my PayPal credit account is showing -£195 - rather than the £0 - it should be! Can anyone help? I’m very frustrated and unwilling to write off £200 to PayPal!


Refund to a £0 PayPal credit account now showing a negative amount?


Hello @Rozdino


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I'm sorry to hear you're running into some speedbumps with a refund to your PayPal Credit. It may take a few business days for your PayPal Credit balance to update appropriately. If you haven't seen it update by now, I'd recommend reaching back out to PayPal Credit Support to see what the status on that is. 


Good luck and best wishes!


 - Jon K

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