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Refund for completed transaction

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I have paid $54 through PayPal at Dorno for a footer My bank account was debited however the transaction is not shown in my PayPal transaction history the product was never shipped and although I mailed the merchant multiple times I had no response

Refund for completed transaction


Hello @StavrosV1971,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand you are concerned about a completed payment that is not reflecting in your account. I know this can be very frustrating. If you didn't log into your PayPal account to make the transaction at checkout, it is possible that the transaction was completed using our 'guest checkout' feature. If this is the case, and you are concerned about the item not being received, you will need to contact us directly for more specific assistance so we can locate the payment and file a dispute on your behalf. 


You can reach Customer Support by clicking Contact and then Message Us (when available) at the bottom of the PayPal website. They're also available through Twitter direct message or Facebook instant message.  


Message Us

Twitter Direct Message

Facebook Instant Message


I hope this helps!


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