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Random $200 Payment From Months Ago

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Hello, awhile back I received a payment of $200 from a Paypal account with the same name as my dad. I was very skeptical and asked my dad and he said it wasn't him and to be careful.  I then receive an email asking to send the money back because it was meant for his son but I never accepted the payment and what are the odds of another man in the world with the same name as my dad sending money to his son with the same name as me. When I didn't respond, because my dad said to ignore it, they sent another email saying if I didn't send back the money they would report me to "the local authorities" and that "they already know who [I] am". It has been months and the money still hasn't been accepted or left, I just don't want to get scammed and them have access to my account.


If there is someone who could help it would be greatly appreciated!


Random $200 Payment From Months Ago

Let them report you to the local authorities, it's not your fault that someone sent you 200 dollars. I'd just ignore the messages, or contact PayPal via phone call if you are concerned about the situation, they might be able to shed some light on your situation. It's not up to you to fix their error. If they sent you 200 dollars by accident, then they should be contacting PayPal themselves, not harassing you for the money back.

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