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Problem confirming my Payment

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Hi PayPal team,

I have sent a payment to someone. But I have not been able to confirm the payment, and the payment button is INACTIVE.

I have tried all I can to confirm it. Gone through different angles and I am not making any headways.

I was also led to changing/ deleting my paypal address, but it still did not work. I still can't confirm the payment.

I need help please!


Thank you.


Problem confirming my Payment


Hello, @StarBlazt. Thanks for taking the time to add your question here on the PayPal Community Forum. I hope the following information is helpful.


In general, once you have sent a payment to someone, a transaction will appear in your Activity. The status of a transaction could be Completed (which means the money has been sent to the recipient) or Pending or Cancelled or Refunded, etc. Please check out for more information on what each status means.


However, once a payment is sent, there is no need to confirm anything. I'm sorry for any misunderstanding, but there are no steps you need to take once a payment is sent. If you are trying to complete a different action, please log on to your PayPal account and click Help at the bottom of the screen to see information in the Help Center. You can also click Contact to see options to communicate securely with PayPal's Customer Service, if needed.


I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your patience during this time.






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