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Preferred method of payment not used

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Why did PayPal charge my secondary credit card for automatic payment when I renewed a subscription for a service. There were enough funds on the card which was (and still is) set as the preferred method of payment? I used the other card just once before and it was not supposed to be charged again just like that.


And, more importantly, why is it not possible to complain to PayPal directly about this, instead of writing to the commmunity? 



Preferred method of payment not used


Hi reqfa53v13v432, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum, and welcome as a new member! 


When you send money, we try to use any available balance in your PayPal account to fund the payment. If you don’t have money in your PayPal balance, we try to debit the amount from your confirmed bank account via direct debit. If you don’t have a confirmed bank account, we’d try to debit the amount from a credit card, if you’ve one registered.

If you want, you can set a preferred payment method in your Wallet*. Select your funding source and click Set as preferred. You also have the option change your funding source for a payment on the last page before you send money. If you change the funding source, please be advised this bank/card will be set for future payments. 


To contact PayPal, please click on the "Help and Contact" tab at the bottom of any PayPal website page. Alternatively, you can contact us via Facebook - or Twitter - @AskPayPal 


- Siobhan 

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