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Pending payment ???

New Community Member
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I've created paypal account on 23rd March,only for buying one t-shirt online.I've added 40e on paypal account,30e tshirt and 8e for shipping...and it says literally:

On 23 March 2022, you authorized a payment of 30,00 EUR on your card xx-[removed]. If the payment is voided for any reason, the pending amount won't be charged. It may take a few days for this to show on your card statement...

So question is: What does this mean? how long it will take to paypal verify my account?I don't see money on my account,and the company from which i ordered t shirt also said that there is no money in their system?

Thnx for your answers.



Pending payment ???

PayPal Employee

Hi @SrdjanSavic.

It looks like the order is pending and the funds will be charged only when the merchant accepts the authorization. Click here for more information about the pending order. I hope that the provided information helps. Stay safe and have a good day! 


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