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Paypal converted money automatically for no reason

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I received a transfer from a friend who sent me an amount of CAD, but they were automatically converted to Euros. I said fine whatever, they would be converted to Euros anyway when I send them to my bank. Upon receipt, they have been converted back to CAD in my balance, losing a few euros again in the conversion - even though in settings the selected option was "accept payment and create new holding balance in that currency". 


Now, of course, if I want to send it to my bank, they will be converted back to Euros and I will lose even more in conversion.


My question is, would it even be worth contacting support and see if they are willing to refund me the initial amount of Euros without any more conversion fees or should I just try to refund them back to my friend, have them send it again in euros, and pray that they time Paypal doesn't automatically convert them to CAD for no reason?


Paypal converted money automatically for no reason


Hello @JulesV16


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand that there have been a few currency conversion issues and I will do my best to help. Typically, the receiving currency will be converted if the balance currency type is not available. Keep in mind that the currency type in your PayPal balance has to be available prior to the payment being received. 


How do I select a currency for my primary balance?


I hope this helps! 


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