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Paypal Customer Service Number

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How do I contact Paypal MENA Customer Service by Phone??


My original account was created in Dubai over 10 years ago, but now i live in Europe and cannot transfer funds out of the old account which has been restricted because I live in a different part of the world. I've sent dozens of messages to Paypal over the past 12 months since the  restrictions were imposed, asking them to close the account and transfer the remaining funds to my bank account. Out of these, I only got one response more than 6 months ago, advising me that if the account is dormant for more than six months, it will be automatically closed and funds transfered to my bank account linked to it. So far it has not happened and no further information is available, nor have I received any advisement from Paypal about it


Please anyone with the correct information, please advise. I recall, months ago, I found a number for Paypal CS in Tunisia, with code starting with 351??  But lost that number, so I am searching again!


Also, why is this organization holding billions of dollars of people's money, allowed to function in such a secretive manner that there are no phone numbers listed on their sites anywhere??

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