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2nd time this has happened, I asked for an amount to be paid for gasoline, my payment was declined because I was 3 Pennies short. Now my money is going to sit on hold for the next 7 days while I’m stuck at the gas station, meanwhile I can’t even contact customer support because it’s past opening hours. This is so damn irritating I can’t even fathom how a company so large can be so useless at a time of personal crises like this. I rely heavily on pay pal, and they seem so **bleep** me over in some sort of way at least once a month. I know it’s no one’s fault, it’s mine for accidentally not accommodating those 3 **bleep**ing pennies when I put in the amount I intended to pay.
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Payments are automated, not enough funds normally means payments fail.

There is not a man sitting at a desk saying ''oh I will let this go through as he's at a petrol station and needs fuel'' !!!

Auto payments that fail are auto recharged after a few days. 

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