Payment to Wrong Person of Unusual shared Name


On August 6th I donated $31 and some cents to a person to whom I have sent money before. He rescues dogs and trains them for US Veterans and he is my friend on FB.I would give his full name if it was allowed but it is a doyble barrelled surname. I entered his first name and because I had donated quite a few times PayPal helpfully put his whole name in the required box. Because I had done this before I went ahead and paid the money. On August 7th this man who received my donation sent me a message saying “ I don’t know you and you are not a friend”. I was mortified and replied telling him of my error and how the money was for a German Shepherd Rescue and asked if he could forward the money to the Rescue if I provided the correct address. Now I know that I cannot claim a refund but this is a highly significant name but there are three in USA. I have a UK address myself and just love to help dog rescues. I am cross with PayPal because if they had not been so “helpful” putting the name in for me this would not have happened. The surname in 2 parts comes from Belgium but there are 3 in USA. I am deeply upset that a person would recognise what has happened, write to me but then did not reply further. The lesson is do not trust PayPal when they put the wrong person in the box of Payee.


any suggestions?


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Hi @Anniel34,


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I'm sorry to hear of the mistakenly sent payment. I would suggest reaching out again to the person to whom you sent the payment and ask them to refund it back to you through the transaction, as that is the safest way to ensure that both parties are protected. It's possible that your request to them to send the payment on to another party caused them to worry that you were a fraudster, as the request might be considered unusual to ask someone to be the middle party in a transaction and they may have been worried about any fraud implications. Since you know it was merely a mistake, requesting that they simply click to refund is the safest possible outcome for all involved.


I hope this is helpful!




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