PayPal identified activity that violates our international regulatory obligations



After my friend sent me a payment for helping him in one case, I received an email


“...PayPal Compliance has reviewed your account and identified activity that violates our international regulatory obligations. In accordance with these obligations, the sale of various goods and services is currently prohibited in the following region:

Please do not attempt to retry this payment or similar payments using PayPal.

Please note that we reserve the right to terminate your PayPal account if we believe that your further actions may violate our regulatory obligations."


What actions of mine violated something? What region are you talking about? Can't people send money to me now? How to fix it?

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Paypal account holders in the Ukraine can now receive payments with the recent change of policy, but they are restricted to receiving only friends/family payments as per link.

You still can't do commercial transactions and receive goods/services payments so if you are using the friends/family option for selling goods or selling services then you are breaking paypal rules for your country. 

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