PayPal cancelled my order but the order is still pending on the vendor website

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I made a purchase on a website but my transaction has been cancelled automatically from PayPal. I noted that every time I try to pay on a website using PayPal, a window of my bank is showing up to ask me to confirm the transaction by using an sms code. Every time I get asked this code the transaction will be automatically cancelled. Is there someone that could help me with this problem?

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Hello @EvelJJ

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I'm sorry to hear your purchase isn't going through successfully. I recommend visiting this Help Center article for a few troubleshooting steps. In addition to the steps found in this article, I recommend restarting your device/disconnecting and reconnecting it to the internet to ensure it has a strong connection. After that, ensure your device is fully updated and you've cleared your cache and cookies on your preferred browser. If you're using a mobile app, please clear the app's cache in your phone's app settings. 

If you're still unable to make the payment after trying these troubleshooting steps, you may want to reach out to Customer Support by selecting 'Contact' at the bottom of any PayPal Page. 

I hope you can make the payment soon! 

- Meghan

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