Online order error in email entered as in

Not sure what board to put this under... so I'll start here.... I placed an order online this morning and just noticed that when I've entered my email address it contains a decimal point as in So obviously I'm not going to get the email order notification.... I did however pay using my PayPal account which obviously has all the correct information. Any d6as to what to do? Or what will happen? Will the merchant use the PayPal information? I'm not even sure how this happened as soon as I type my email address it's added automatically.... so frustrating. Of all days to make a mistake as well. So grateful for any information anyone may have as to what I can do... I've emailed the company, but course being it possible the order will go thru to click and collect using all the PayPal information, my phone number is correct. Appreciate any ideas. Thanks in advance
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