My linked bank account isnt showing up as a payment method on all websites

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My bank accout has been linked for a while now, it was working fine for the first few payments, but then it stopped working, i have more than enough money and my account isnt locked so why cant i pay with my linked bank accout?
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If you have a bank account but no back up card added then payments go as echeques and take a while to clear.

Paypal may credit a few sellers upfront but may then require you to add a card.


Another reason its not working may be if you have not confirmed it with the 4 digit code OR if you have had a failed bank transfer OR negative balance at all recently.


Paypal don't accept virtual / digital banks either. 

The name on the bank account has to be in the same name as your paypal account name.

The bank account has to be registered in the same country as your paypal account.

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