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My credit card keeps getting declined

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Hello! Paypal suddenly keeps declining my credit card. I used to have a different account and I thought creating a new account would help. It wouldn't even let me pay with my credit card as a guest. My account was limited as well, however, I already submitted all the requirements and the limitation has already been lifted. I also called my bank and credit card company multiple times and they said it really was a paypal problem. I tried contacting paypal multiple times as well and they either won't answer or the automated system answers me. This is my only credit card so I can't link any other cards.


My credit card keeps getting declined


Hello @ysd15,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand that you may be having trouble making payments with your desired credit card. If you are receiving continuous declines or the same error, it is possible that the card is not able to be used with our system any longer. In this situation, please reach out to your bank to possibly issue you an alternative card to be used. 


You can also reach Customer Support by clicking Contact and then Message Us (when available) at the bottom of the PayPal website. They're also available through Twitter direct message or Facebook instant message.  


Message Us

Direct Message

Instant Message


I hope this helps! 

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