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Money not arrived to my bank account

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Hello all, I write to ask for your help.


I have transfred 350 USD one month ago to my bank account which is in Hungary, Europe, but I haven't received the amount untill now.

I wrote to Resolution Center, they replied me there were no unauthorized use in my account. It's true, because I transfered the money what lost in transit. Now I can not make another complain, because the case is closed and I can't open another one on the same transaction. Anyone can help me what to do now?


Money not arrived to my bank account


Hi @ZJanos and welcome, 


If you made a withdrawal over a month ago and have not yet received it please contact your bank to request that they initiate a trace on the funds. Sometimes funds can get stuck and need to be moved manually. They should be able to help you locate the funds and get them added to your account. 


Going forward I would only recommend opening a claim for an unauthorised transaction if someone other than you made that payment as this is what this option is designed for. 


Thanks for your post, 


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