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Messages disappeared

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Dear All,

I have encountered a strange behaviour in the message section of a transaction that I want to share with you and ask for any advice, info or help.

I have written a message via the message system of PayPal inside a transaction (the section which is called contact data). I copied a formulated text in there and send it off. I have seen the sent message in the message board just as you would expect it in "chat". However, after one day the message dissapeared and is not shown in the "chat" anymore. I have sent the message again, but next day, same problem... In another transaction to the same seller, same thing. It is annoying because I don't have proof of the message in which I set a deadline for the delivery of my products.

Of course, I have now sent the message via email, but still, there seems to be a problem that I would like to understand.

Is the text scanned for spam (though I wouldn't know why my message should have been recognised as such)?

Is there a text length limit that I might have exceeded but that is not highlighted immediately when sending the message?

Is there a problem with copied text that is not highlighted immediately?

Shorter message I have sent earlier still appear in the message history... What I find particularly strange is, that the message was always shown during the same day, but the next day it was gone...

Customer support has no idea, but confirmed that the sellers profile is alright (one clue was that it might be related to a restricted user profile, but it's not).

Thanks for any piece of advice...

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