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Issue with G&S refund process

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Hello, so yesterday I paid £265 through Goods and Services (paid with my credit card which is linked to my bank account) but two hours later the seller changed his mind and decided to refund me the payment. When he refunded I immediately checked my bank account balance and the money were back there I could definitely see them. Today I got a Viber sms from my bank telling me that my account was charged on these £265 as of yesterday and something like “Paypal fixed order”. As of now I cannot see my money on my bank account, I even contacted my bank and they can’t understand what happened exactly. Could you please let me know what happened to those money since seller refunded me, they did appear to my bank account balance immediately but today they disappeared?

Issue with G&S refund process

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You have to wait several days. Bank payments are slow going out and coming back. Seller refunded before the money come out. Just because a bank payment is refunded or canceled, it does not stop the money from going out. When PayPal gets the money, it gets reversed to your bank. If you used bank debit card, it takes a week, up to 30 days for card to post the refund.

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