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I didnt receive my money after cashing in

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Guys please help. I transfered money from PayPal to Gcash however it went to G-XCHANGE. And I don't know where my money is now? It's not showing in Gcash.


I didnt receive my money after cashing in

I have the same problem 😞 I already reached out to Gcash but they said that they can't find the transaction on their end. HELP US PLEASE

I didnt receive my money after cashing in


Hello @annaj0000 and @MarkAngeloP,


Thanks for sharing in the PayPal Community!


I'm sorry for the issues you're having with GCash.


The GCash Help Center explains the requirements and steps on how to receive funds through PayPal with GCash. Please ensure that all requirements have been met to be approved for GCash transfers. The Help Center also states that "upon successful linking, you will receive an email from PayPal indicating 'You’ve signed up for a preapproved payments plan to G-Xchange, Inc.'" I would suggest contacting GCash for further assistance with this query.


You might also find some useful tips, tricks, and solutions by referencing this PayPal Community thread regarding common issues with GCash.


I hope that this helps!


Have a great day!


-Megan S.

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