I can't receive money from bling financial, want to know why??

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Dear Bling User, We received notice that PayPal rejected / returned your recent cash out, so we have returned 485973 Bling Points back to your Bling account. Please find the two possible scenarios below: PayPal Rejected Your Transaction: PayPal may have rejected your latest cash out. This rejection might occur if your PayPal account is unverified or has some limitations. PayPal Returned Your Transaction: Your latest cash out could have been returned to us by PayPal. In either scenario, you can try cashing out again. However, we encourage you to contact PayPal to check if there is any issue on receiving a transfer from Bling Financial.

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Paypal account holders in the Ukraine can now receive payments with the recent change of policy, but they are restricted to receiving only friends/family payments as per link.

You still can't do commercial transactions and receive goods/services payments which the Bling payment would be viewed as.

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