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I accidentally withdrew some money to my Credit Card, is there anyway to reverse it?

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Can anyone help..


I accidentally withdrew some money to my Credit Card instead of my Bank Account. I want to reverse the transaction because, of course.


I couldn't seem to find anything to somehow contact Paypal through chats or email, they said they currently don't have Customer Service Agent on their chats for the time being. I mean, shouldn't they be like there 24/7? Is there anything that I can do for this that doesn't involve making a phone call to Paypal Customer's Service? I just don't feel like I should call them for this.


I tried opening a dispute for the transaction and put it in for an unauthorized transaction, I stated everything there that it was 'NOT' one, I just tried to get refunded because there was no other option to contact them through and through. But it seems that the Paypal bot decided to just close my case without seeing what I had written first.


If anyone could help, or have had gone through a similar thing and just wanted to share, I'd appreciate it!


I accidentally withdrew some money to my Credit Card, is there anyway to reverse it?


Hello @okshapp,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I  understand that you are having issues with a transfer that was done by mistake and I will do my best to assist. Typically, when a transfer is initiated and in 'processing' it cannot be altered or removed. The best we can suggest in this scenario is to contact your bank to have them reject the withdrawal. There are a number of ways to reach Customer Service that can be found by clicking on 'Contact' at the bottom of your PayPal page. We may have a chat or message option available. An unauthorized dispute would not be able to cancel a payment or prevent it from completing as it does not qualify for a dispute if you're stating it is not unauthorized. I hope this helps clarify things for you. 

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