How to withdraw money in US dollars to my debit card?

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Hello there.
I'm outside of the US (Honduras) and I was wondering if I can transfer US dollars directly to my bank account in dollars using a debit card.
When I go to the transfer section and choose my debit card, it still says that it is going to send HLN (local currency) and not US dollars.


So is it possible to recieve US dollars from paypal to my debit card?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @WalterDelacroix

Thanks for making your first post in the Community, and welcome! 

I understand you'd like to withdraw in USD to your bank account using a debit card, and I'm sorry you're encountered some difficulty. It sounds like your card was automatically set up with HLN. You can request that the currency associated with your card is updated to USD, but as a heads up, the currency setting for your card will impact both withdrawals and transactions sent. If you'd still like to update the currency, please reach out to Customer Support through our website by clicking 'Contact' at the bottom of the page. You can also contact Customer Support on Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter)

I hope this helps you update your currency! 

- Meghan

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