How do I get the proper transaction id for a Xoom transaction?


I made a transaction using Xoom. Basically, I make the same transaction each month using the "Repeat this transaction" function.

Paypal removed the money from my bank account (like normal) and they sent it, but Transaction ID is wrong this time. It doesn't start with an X like it should.


Xoom hasn't received the transfer. I opened a review at Paypal, but PayPal has just been waiting 6 days now without anybody even saying anything. There is zero response from Paypal. 

The automated message says give the seller (Xoom) a chance to send the goods, but there are no goods to send. It's just a bank transfer. Xoom is waiting for Paypal to post the transaction ID.

When I contact Xoom directly, they ask for the Transaction ID that starts with X because all Xoom transactions start with X.

I don't know who to ask for this because Paypal is just ignoring me.

It's not really a big issue. I just need the transaction id.

Are there any real people here who can help me?

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