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Hold on payment

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Hello, I had used Paypal as a payment method in the US. My Paypal account is funded via a prepaid card from Qatar (Qatari Riyals). The merchant placed a hold on about $600 for the order. A few days later they contacted me saying an item is missing and I can either cancel the whole order or process it without those unavailable items. I proceeded without the unavailable items and the new total was ~$400.

However, the initial amount of $600 was charged from my account. Paypal balance remained $0 after a few weeks and the bank did not receive any refunds or adjustments. I called the merchant to double check and they said they only charged me $400 not $600.

Now I am lost as to what to do next. Paypal is not being helpful at all. I have copies of the receipts and my bank statement as well. Need help!

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