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Facebook Marketplace UK, buying and paying online through Paypal.

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Hello there, I recently agreed to an offer for a listing on the Facebook Marketplace in the UK for a product that wasn't listed originally for delivery. It was, listed as collection only. I suggested paying a little more than my original offer to cover the postage & packaging. As it was my suggestion to include extra fees for the postage and packaging, allowing me to secure the purchase of the item while the seller was hesitant to make the product available for delivery which are terms I'm ok with having. We agreed to those terms and agreed upon the sale. The seller then marked the item as sold & gave me his email address to make the Paypal payment through the inbuilt messaging within Marketplace.

I can see no way to make the payment using Paypal through Facebook Marketplace itself even though, on Facebook and Paypal, it states Facebook pay, which can be, linked with, Paypal is active in the UK. Facebook checkout, on the other hand, seems to be inactive here in the UK

Does this mean that I have to go off the Facebook website, onto the Paypal website externally and manually enter his email address in & pay him that way?

I was also wondering if I pay him that way, am I covered with buyers protection? I've read on some forums that I have to ask him for a Paypal invoice before I send the money over. Is this true?

What I would like to know is, while I can prove that the conversation and agreement between me & the seller on Facebook is genuine, will and can Facebook verify proof of agreement to Paypal? If needed would Paypal, then inform Facebook of proof of purchase if, in the case, anything goes wrong with the order in pre or post transit?

I'm used to using eBay with Paypal, and on eBay once, the item has been won or purchased by the buyer. The buyer then has to proceed to the Paypal website within & through the eBay website to make payment. On this occasion, by purchasing through Facebook Marketplace, it seems like the only choice is to open up PayPal externally and dislinked, from Facebook Marketplace, and pay the sellers email address the money. But this essentially, it's just me making a payment to a person with no electronic linkages to the detailing and proving that the money I am sending is an agreement by two parties for the purchase of a product. I don't just wish to send money, unlinked and blindly, where I may lose out if anything goes wrong.

I hope you can help me with this issue.
Thank You
Kind Regards


Facebook Marketplace UK, buying and paying online through Paypal.


Hi @EchoEchoEchoEch,

Welcome to PayPal's Community Forum! I can certainly understand your concern, but PayPal offers Purchase Protection if an issue should arise with your item. You can ask the seller to send you an invoice if you'd like because they have the ability to add information, such as the link to the original advertisement and the terms of the sale. However, it is not required to complete your purchase through a PayPal invoice. You can also send a payment to them by using their email address, just be sure to select the option for "Goods and Services" before completing the payment.


I hope this helps!

- Marina

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