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Ebay Checkout Problem using Paypal

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I have a relatively new account and I'm trying to make a large purchase after I won a bid on Ebay.  My account shows no limitations and I've confirmed that my accounts with the bank are good to go.  On checkout when I select Paypal it lets me log in but resets back to the checkout screen never giving me the option to select a card or account to use.  I've used this account numerous times for smaller purchases but this is a 10k plus transaction.  


Thanks in advance


Ebay Checkout Problem using Paypal


Maybe you should call or write to PayPal support to raise your limits per single purchase.

The other way is to check out by credit card directly. Ebay accept them. Try contact the seller if ebay can't help. He could offer direct credit card payment.

And write to ebay customer support about this too. Large bids, more attention and care from their side.

Good luck!

Ebay Checkout Problem using Paypal

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£10,000 limit per transaction as per link.

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