Deposit on PokerStar


Hi all,

I try deposit on PokerStar, and ask me to connect a bank account,

But ofcourse on my paypla i had allready a bank account connect.

Also i had before some months deposit on pokerstar without problem.

So what ask me now? what change?


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Hi @Nikosb_FM,


Thank you for making your first post in the PayPal Community Forum! I'm sorry to hear that the money you attempted to send to PokerStar was not a successful transaction. 


Each transaction made through PayPal is evaluated by our security system. If there are risk factors, the transaction may be declined, or the payment method used may be declined. It is possible that the bank account that was chosen for that transaction was denied by the security system. You can try the transaction at a later date using that bank to see if it will go through, or you can try a different bank account.


I hope this information is helpful!




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