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Customers unable to pay to buy from my store!

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My customers are unable to pay to make a purchase in my store, I am new at this business. 

They receive a message "The instrument presented was either declined by the processor or bank, or it can't be used for this payment."


I tried myself and got the same message when clicking on the payment from the store.


despite the fact that my account has been linked and verified with my debit card and I have activated the account with four digit number from my bank!


Therefore, I tried to send money from my Bank account to my paypal to test the account, and apparently it shows the amount has been deducted from the bank account and received in paypal but I cannot claim it because it states that the house address is not confirmed!! How I am suppose to confirm it if am living outside the USA ?      


Indeed, my questions are:

1. how can customers make payments?

2. how can I claim the payments ?


Please help me in fixing these issue ..


I highly appreciate your help and advise ..


Thank you

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