Crypto Transactions

PayPal is saying I owe them 199.00 for two transactions that I made on my Google pay account to coinbase.. I have everything to show that any money that went to a purchase was funded from source chosen. I do not have overdraft on any account. Never have. Never has PayPal allowed me to overdraft. But now they did? Anyways I'll take the 200 hit on my credit and never pay them. They will fix issue and 0 me out. Or I'll just block them and ignore them and throw the mail away when they send for collections.. don't care. It's 200$. It's the principal that if there was an error on their end and paid when I didn't have the money in the bank account I have linked then that's not my fault. That's techs issue. Take the loss.. fix the issue.. but not going to charge me for it...
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