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Card changed before refunds processed

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I paid several transactions on a website, but because of problems i opened disputes for those transactions and luckily i won all those disputes, but because of my card that i used to pay for these transactions was blocked by bank, and i ordered a new replacement card and paypal shows that they have processed refunds to that old card, and i've recevied no money, so i want to ask how can i get that money?

Please help,



Card changed before refunds processed


Hello @kevinsoma,

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I'm glad to hear your disputes were closed in your favor. Refunds will always automatically process back to the payment method used for the original purchase. If you've closed the card, but you still have an account with the same company, they will typically transfer the money to your new card. Refunds take an average of three to five business days to post in your balance. However, some companies can take up to 30 days to reflect the refund on your statement. To learn more about refunds, I recommend visiting this Help Center article: Where is my refund?

I hope this information helps! 

- Meghan  

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