Can't load money bank to my paypal account - "Things don't appear to be working right now."

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When I try to load money from my bank to my paypal account I get a bland message that says "Things don't appear to be working right now." No error number, no links, nothing.


My account is verified. I have connected two different bank accounts, both give the same message. I've tried $1200,$500,$50,$5,and $2 - same result each time.


I have talked with customer support 3 times, including an hour on the phone. The agent told me there is an "error 422" in their logs, and that I should call the bank and ask why PayPal is getting an HTTP 422 when loading money from my account. (I laughed out loud and then for grins called the bank and asked the rep this question, who also laughed. The rep also told them there are "no technical people at PayPal who can answer this question." Also very hilarious, I recommend a career in comedy for this rep!)


I did call the bank and ask if they could look for any kind of hold, fraud flag, etc. They said there are no limitations on the account and no transaction requests from PayPal in their logs at all. So that means this error is happening at PayPal, at the network, or at the edge of the bank's network - but that would mean every load from Chase would be failing, not just mine. So it must be a PayPal bug or something in my account.


What is the right course of action to get PayPal to fix this problem?



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You can add a Chase card to Paypal


However its been an issue adding a Chase bank account for a while, checkout other forum posts and 'google' it.

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