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I have a very complicated issue.

Paypal took more from my bank account than I owed on a Payment to Airbnb. I have an Australian Paypal, but the payment was taken from my UK bank account. I have never encountered an issue with that. However this time it had some random exchange rate.

I owed £375.

The top of the invoice says £413.52

It then said under Exchange Rate[Removed. Phone #s not permitted] and $778.40 = £375. 

The "total" a the bottom was £375.

The amount taken from my account was £413.52

I reported the issue, supplied evidence, but that then for some reason wound up with Airbnb cancelling my booking days before I was due to arrive with no explanation given. I was immediately refunded the deposit I paid (an earlier payment, unrelated), and when I raised the issue with Airbnb they said there had been an issue with my payment method. I'm assuming the issue was this query. They then refunded the remaining amount.

But I was refunded £375, not the £413.52 that was actually taken from me. I can't select the original transaction to report an issue as I already raised an issue with this transaction, and I it won't let me report an issue on the amount refunded.

I have no idea what is going on or how I can have this resolved. I also lost an amazing Airbnb and only found out a day before I was due to arrive all because of this. Makes me never want to use Paypal again.

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Hello @MaddyHatter

Thanks for stopping by the Community, and congrats on your first post!

If I understand correctly, you were charged a different amount from what you were expecting and then filed a dispute to receive the difference back. Due to that dispute, your booking was canceled by the merchant. Is that correct? If so, I recommend reaching out to Customer Support for assistance investigating what happened with the payment and seeing if the case can be appealed. You can find the different Customer Support options on our Help Center here. If you can grab a copy of your bank statement for review, that would help show that a different amount was charged. 

I hope you're able to appeal your case and determine what happened! 

- Meghan

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