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I'm a new paypal user and wanted to make a purchase through weverse. While I was making the payment through paypal, an error occured, leading to the page shutting down and when I checked my debit card history, it said there was a pending payment from paypal with the money already deducted from my debit card. I checked my paypal activity in hopes of canceling the payment but it said I had no recent activity. It's been a few hours since it happened and I still have not found a way to cancel the payment, so I was wondering if the "pending payment" will automatically get dropped and refunded due to the failed payment or if I'll just lose the money. If anyone knows what to do or how to fix this problem so I can get my money back, please please respond! 🙂

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Speak to your card issuer / bank, as the transfer did not complete then no money arrived on paypals site so there is nothing they can do about it.

Hopefully your card/bank will tell you that the pending transaction will reverse after a few days. 

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