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Being ripped off

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PayPal has held my refund illegale for 7 days now. Theybsaybits because the sellers paid it back with an echeck..which is a lie. He doesn't even know what echeck pal is a rip off place .. I will close my account the minute my money is back......and am reporting them to the BBB..Better Bussiness BUREAU....

Being ripped off

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He doesn't have to know what an echeque is to use one.


Sellers can refund via cleared funds in their paypal balance OR from their bank account, if its from their bank account paypal does not credit the refund in advance (like they do with payments to a seller) as there is no item to despatch. So the refund goes as an echeque and both you and the seller have to await echeque clearance.


Paypal cannot give you the refund until they have received it from the sellers bank account and echeques ie electronic transfers take 5-7 days to clear. 

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